Helical Gears

Helical Gear

Helical gears are ideally suited for very high speed and take up appreciable load, though their efficiency is lesser than that of spur mesh. Helical gears primarily connect to parallel shafts, with their teeth lying along helices. It is this parallel shafting that ensures high speed and its application wherever spurs gears are used .Helical Gears are highly recommended for all high speed and high load meshes. Helical gear is almost equal in quality to spurs excepting for the complication of their angle.

Why should we use helical gear reducer ?

As we have seen above helical gears are more efficient and capable of handling higher speeds and loads and also in-Line reducers are less expensive than the more traditional parallel shaft. But this fact is evened out by because the parallel shaft with its varied options has been proven to be more flexible.

Now let us take a look at the type of helical gears.


Helical Gears

The typical characteristic of this type is Skewed shafting, point contact, high sliding. These are ideally suited for lower speeds and lighter loads. This type is to better avoided for precision meshes. Another feature being the point contact is of limited capacity and precision and therefore is suitable for right angle drives if the load is light. Good lubrication should always be ensured in use of helical gears.

How is the ratio determined for a helical gear set? A bevel gear set? A worm gear set?

Simply put, the ratio of a helical gear is determined by the simple formula of dividing the number of teeth in the larger gear by the number of teeth in the smaller gear.

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